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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Boulevard of Broken Promises

Its been sum time nw since i updated tis bloggy shit, well, cant seems 2 slp early tis days. Will onli gt 2 slp onli at around 3.30 onwards ... Juz finish my exam ytd and tis entire week is gonna be a free week 4 mi ... Gonna meet my dear tmlo 2 gt sum stuff and lata accompany my mum 2 grab sum stuff before her trip 2 china which i'm gonna gain alot of freedom from it!!! Yeah!!! Tis fri also gonna haf a Bbq meeting 4 all Wst Memebers as well, which we guys gonna spend da nite at east coast! Hooray !
As Days goes by, I cant tend 2 find a meaning in life, wat do i wan? Wats Nxt? i dun noe a mind ... hope 2 gt a job soon so thers sum extra cash 2 spend bt realli dun haf da mood 2 work 4 nw ... Luck is realli nt by my side tis while bt realli hope luck will make mi pass my Dif exam as i did took 2 days 2 haf sum revision wif daniel the genius and realli hope 2 c a pass in my results ... well, tats all 4 nw, will update tis bloggy shit if i haf da time ... C ya people!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Everything Everyday

Afew more days to 2005 and while lookin bck sure gonna bring bck so damm many memories ... My Dear Dear will be bck lata cause she's been 2 Msia for 3 days nw and realli miz her lots lots ...Mi enter the same course wif Mama and daniel and same sch wif mama and daniel again plus desmond,wei hong,firdaus,anwar,rizal and many many more la ... QUite excited wen i heard tat i gt into my first choice wif mama,we gt the course we wan in order 4 us 2 apply 4 our Air Force Scheme ... nw more den half alreadi settle so can finally relax bt still need 2 go 2 macpherson 2 apply and wait 4 ma Air force letter 2 comfrim da sponser ... Gonna quit ben and jerry real soon wif desmond as i also work untill damm sian liao ... hope tis cumin year will be a great year 2 look forward as Riverside Secondary sux lyk hell bt sum chers and stdents ther are nice la ... a new year and a new sch a new life 2 look forward 2 ... wat a turn in ma life bt tis is wat life is wat abt ... we need 2 always be prepare 2 take on new challenges everyday everytime ...

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

First time in mah life

Juz gt my pay the day before and went out shopping ytd at town and queensway ... Alreadi spent more den a hunderd of Clothes and will spend more soon ... hehe ... 6 more days 2 my birthday liao and still nt sure where 2 celebrate it man ... My friends wanna go chill at K Box bt i find it a little 2 costly ... bt nvm la cause all of us juz release pay nehx ... lol ...
I haf nt msg her 4 da past few days liao bt hope she will still miz mi lyk ever la ... lol ... realli hope 2 meet her up soon and gt things started cause its been a week nw ...

Ytd went 2 ton with Alan,zhong lin, janson, poh long and dannie at cwp ... althought there was nth much 2 do bt everything we do last nite was damm fun (juz tis morning onli i mean) ... we haf our meal at 7 eleven and gamble till morning before i maf my way bck hm ... hope more of tis days will cum before sch reopen ... tats all 4 nw ... will update soon if gt da time loh ... hehe ... tc everyone

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Finally gt time 2 update my bloggy again!!! Well, i gt 2 say tat 2 many stuff happen tis past few days and i dun noe wher 2 start man ... Ohhh ... my bros poh long, poh seng, janson and zhong lin had went 2 genting 4 a holiday and nw everyday at zoo cant c their handsome face liao a bit sian sian leh ... lol !!! Haha ...
I tink tat its fate tat brings mi and her together and realli hope we can be together soon ... i realli hope after such a long search, she will be da one 4 mi after all ... well 12 more days 2 my Birthday and den i can finally becum 16 ... waited soooooooo long 4 tis day liao bt i still cant find plans 2 celebrate it leh ... Nvm la, tmlo den tink of a way loh ... rite nw realli quite tired cause after working 4 five days in a striaght row ... i finally gt an off day ... Sunday was our Ben & Jerry's Grand Open and its was damm crowded on tat busy day itself ... i Sqeeze Bryan Wong Ass while takin a pic with all Ben & Jerry's staff and his reaction was pretty cute also ... I Scroop alot of free ice cream on tat day as it was Ben & jerry's free cone day bt wat 2 do ... boss say so i haf 2 do loh ... lol ... Bt everything was ok loh cause at least i gt 2 noe her and gt her num after work ... hehe ... tats all 4 nw la ... mi wanna go makan liao ... damm hungry ... c ya guys ...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

All Changed

Everthing is so different nw, no more schooling days and less pressure of course bt the working life is so much worst den schooling!!! Working is realli damm boring compare 2 sch and everyday at work makes mi cant catch up with da latest everything these days ... i need 2 update myself from friends always 4 da latest music hit, movies and stuff!!! Bt Finally can Blond and highlight my hair la which i haf been waiting sooo much 4 it !.! :p Our Class Chalet last week was one of da best chalet i ever went and we guys realli hope 2 keep in touch and haf another one during march next year. Bt after da chalet was another boring day at work bt tats life loh ... wat 2 do!!!

Monday, June 07, 2004

Ťħê Reason ... .. .

HAiz, Working sux man, every nite ppl watching tv so happily bt i need 2 push 1 stupid trolley around their block selling ice cream!!! I onli working 4 the $$$, nth esle man!!! Dun wanna depend on my parents 2 much ahz,alreadi 15 liao... Juz Bloned my hair yesterday and its pretty cool bt my mum a bit nt happy loh somemore tis fri gt Eng Prelims 4 Oral, I tink i better go gt the black spary better ahz sial!!!Ok lah, after a hard day of work...i tink i better go haf a nice warm bath... Gonna update tis Shit If free loh...nitey Guys!!!

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Neagtive or Wat?

All of them was finally been bailed out, went 2 visit harrymeet yesterday, looks like he' damm regret man! Really hope 2 c him in sch again and hope he will change 4 the better. Well, yesterday's paper was pretty all rite huh, hope 2 top the class tis while.Hey has anyone watch The O.C, i mean...i dun noe its a gal show or wat bt i realli love watching it, Gonna finish all 27 series soon thz 2 Maybelline 4 the disc. Toking 2 her yesterday realli means an end 4 us i guess, realli wanna noe y tis ending bt nah....its over and i try 2 gt over it after all tis wating, y nw, i mean y nt eariler bt nw.God noes, god wans mi 2 wait 4 tis 1 year 3 mths i guess... Sorry 4 everything bt i tink, its realli unfair 2 mi, and i tink nth is fair rite, we haf 2 wait and c!!

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