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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Neagtive or Wat?

All of them was finally been bailed out, went 2 visit harrymeet yesterday, looks like he' damm regret man! Really hope 2 c him in sch again and hope he will change 4 the better. Well, yesterday's paper was pretty all rite huh, hope 2 top the class tis while.Hey has anyone watch The O.C, i mean...i dun noe its a gal show or wat bt i realli love watching it, Gonna finish all 27 series soon thz 2 Maybelline 4 the disc. Toking 2 her yesterday realli means an end 4 us i guess, realli wanna noe y tis ending bt nah....its over and i try 2 gt over it after all tis wating, y nw, i mean y nt eariler bt nw.God noes, god wans mi 2 wait 4 tis 1 year 3 mths i guess... Sorry 4 everything bt i tink, its realli unfair 2 mi, and i tink nth is fair rite, we haf 2 wait and c!!

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