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Name: Ben Lim Wei Jie
Msn contact: benlwj@hotmail.com/ benlwj@yahoo.com
Pass Time/hobby: Soccer & more Soccer ~ Pop Rock And Techno
Favourite Stuff: Ma Mini i-pod(Apple), Sony Ps2, Nike Tiempo Air Legend & Ma future Mazda RX 8(Pic Above)
Favourite Quote: Sorry I Can't BE P.E.R.F.E.C.T
Favourite Player: Cristiano Ronaldo, F.Torres, David Beckham, Van der Vaart & Totti
Sorry ... I'm taken ... Hehez
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Monday, June 07, 2004

Ťħê Reason ... .. .

HAiz, Working sux man, every nite ppl watching tv so happily bt i need 2 push 1 stupid trolley around their block selling ice cream!!! I onli working 4 the $$$, nth esle man!!! Dun wanna depend on my parents 2 much ahz,alreadi 15 liao... Juz Bloned my hair yesterday and its pretty cool bt my mum a bit nt happy loh somemore tis fri gt Eng Prelims 4 Oral, I tink i better go gt the black spary better ahz sial!!!Ok lah, after a hard day of work...i tink i better go haf a nice warm bath... Gonna update tis Shit If free loh...nitey Guys!!!

Do not use or click the iwebmusic.com icon.. tis hav a vius on popin up.. pls take note.. thanks!