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Name: Ben Lim Wei Jie
Msn contact: benlwj@hotmail.com/ benlwj@yahoo.com
Pass Time/hobby: Soccer & more Soccer ~ Pop Rock And Techno
Favourite Stuff: Ma Mini i-pod(Apple), Sony Ps2, Nike Tiempo Air Legend & Ma future Mazda RX 8(Pic Above)
Favourite Quote: Sorry I Can't BE P.E.R.F.E.C.T
Favourite Player: Cristiano Ronaldo, F.Torres, David Beckham, Van der Vaart & Totti
Sorry ... I'm taken ... Hehez
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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

All Changed

Everthing is so different nw, no more schooling days and less pressure of course bt the working life is so much worst den schooling!!! Working is realli damm boring compare 2 sch and everyday at work makes mi cant catch up with da latest everything these days ... i need 2 update myself from friends always 4 da latest music hit, movies and stuff!!! Bt Finally can Blond and highlight my hair la which i haf been waiting sooo much 4 it !.! :p Our Class Chalet last week was one of da best chalet i ever went and we guys realli hope 2 keep in touch and haf another one during march next year. Bt after da chalet was another boring day at work bt tats life loh ... wat 2 do!!!

Do not use or click the iwebmusic.com icon.. tis hav a vius on popin up.. pls take note.. thanks!