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Name: Ben Lim Wei Jie
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Pass Time/hobby: Soccer & more Soccer ~ Pop Rock And Techno
Favourite Stuff: Ma Mini i-pod(Apple), Sony Ps2, Nike Tiempo Air Legend & Ma future Mazda RX 8(Pic Above)
Favourite Quote: Sorry I Can't BE P.E.R.F.E.C.T
Favourite Player: Cristiano Ronaldo, F.Torres, David Beckham, Van der Vaart & Totti
Sorry ... I'm taken ... Hehez
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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Boulevard of Broken Promises

Its been sum time nw since i updated tis bloggy shit, well, cant seems 2 slp early tis days. Will onli gt 2 slp onli at around 3.30 onwards ... Juz finish my exam ytd and tis entire week is gonna be a free week 4 mi ... Gonna meet my dear tmlo 2 gt sum stuff and lata accompany my mum 2 grab sum stuff before her trip 2 china which i'm gonna gain alot of freedom from it!!! Yeah!!! Tis fri also gonna haf a Bbq meeting 4 all Wst Memebers as well, which we guys gonna spend da nite at east coast! Hooray !
As Days goes by, I cant tend 2 find a meaning in life, wat do i wan? Wats Nxt? i dun noe a mind ... hope 2 gt a job soon so thers sum extra cash 2 spend bt realli dun haf da mood 2 work 4 nw ... Luck is realli nt by my side tis while bt realli hope luck will make mi pass my Dif exam as i did took 2 days 2 haf sum revision wif daniel the genius and realli hope 2 c a pass in my results ... well, tats all 4 nw, will update tis bloggy shit if i haf da time ... C ya people!!!

Do not use or click the iwebmusic.com icon.. tis hav a vius on popin up.. pls take note.. thanks!